The Forever Purge – Official Trailer [HD]

One night is not enough. #TheForeverPurge in theaters July 2. Watch the trailer now.

Thissummer,all the rules are brokenas a sect of lawless marauders decides that the annualPurgedoes notstopat daybreakand instead shouldnever endinThe Forever Purge.

Vaulting from therecord-shatteringsuccess of2018’sThe First Purge,Blumhouse’sinfamousterrorfranchisehurtles intoinnovativenew territoryasmembers ofan underground movement, no longer satisfied with one annual night ofanarchy andmurder, decide toovertakeAmerica through an unending campaign of mayhem and massacre. No one is safe.

Adela(Ana de laReguera,Cowboys & Aliens)and her husband Juan (TenochHuerta,Days of Grace) live in Texas, where Juan is workingasaranch hand for thewealthyTucker family.Juan impresses the Tucker patriarch, Caleb (Will Patton,Halloween), butthatfuels the jealous anger of Caleb’s son, Dylan (Josh Lucas,Ford v Ferrari).

Onthe morning afterThePurge, amaskedgangof killersattacks the Tucker family—including Dylan’s wife(Cassidy Freeman, HBO’sThe Righteous Gemstones), and his sister(Leven Rambin,The Hunger Games),forcing both familiesto band togetherand fight backas the country spirals into chaos and the United States begins todisintegrate around them.

From a screenplay by franchisecreator and narrative mastermindJames DeMonaco,The Forever Purgeis directed byEverardo Gout,writer-director of the award-winning thrillerDays of Grace. The film isproduced by thefranchise’sfounding producers:JasonBlumfor hisBlumhouseProductions;Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller; andManinaTree duoJamesDeMonacoand his longtime producing partnerSébastien K.Lemercier.Thefilm’sexecutive producers areMarceiA.Brown,Everardo Goutand JeanetteVolturno.UniversalPictures presents,in association withPerfectWorldPictures,aPlatinumDunes/Blumhouse/Man in aTree production.

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